Facebook Advertising Edmonton

Twitter Advertising Edmonton


Once a youth-oriented social media hub, Facebook has now extended its presence across an exceedingly wide range of demographic groups. Our technology software and expertise with Facebook marketing allows us to acquire and retain fans that are interested in your products and services.

The first step is reserving a business-type Facebook page in the name of your company. Once this is done we brand your Facebook page similar to your website for cohesiveness and familiarity between both sites. Then you must build your Facebook page’s profile with basic information, history and current business model. Now, you’re ready to start adding photos, sending out marketing posts along with upcoming events or trade shows!

We can take your page to another level by integrating fan feedback polls, twitter feeds, contest pages, coupons and much more! Let us manage your page so you can generate more revenue and brand recognition.



Maintaining an effective Twitter presence can also be a powerful part of your business’s social marketing strategy. Adopting a proper Twitter strategy will help you realize the hidden benefits of using such a platform for your business. Twitter is a relationship-building and relationship maintenance tool; the most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event or trade-show.

We can help you set a Twitter company profile so you can promote recent articles or news, update customers on products/service and keep your customers informed on future events or promotions. A profile, biography and a professional looking background image are some of the things we can help you with to get started on Twitter. After the page is complete, we will look for people and companies that are relevant to your company’s business, to start following them. The process to get your own followers will take some time but will be rewarding down the road.

Twitter can help drive traffic to your website and provide real-time info that is useful to your followers. We also utilize the Twitter “Favourites” feature to better promote your business - it is very similar to a testimonials page. Call us today to get started.