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Google Ads is a highly targeted form of online advertising and is fully measurable with various data reports to show you when and where your “Clicks” came from. This type of advertising is less risky than other methods as you can target your audience at specific times of the day and with highly targeted keywords that bring online shoppers to your landing page. We choose keywords that only drive leads to your business. If a keyword is not performing we replace it or remove it entirely.

The next step is to write a compelling text ad. We’ll ensure that your ad stands out from the rest on the first page of a Google search. We will test 2 to 3 ads during a set period of time and run with the best one. Normally, we like to suggest that our clients put down their strongest offer available and we’ll develop an effective call-to-action with a sense of urgency. We also test which time of day and week your ad receives the best results, then we’ll reduce the bidding cost on the lower performing time schedule to keep your campaign running efficiently.

The landing page is also a very important part of your Google Ads campaign as it’s the web page after the ad is clicked. Our number one goal is to get the prospect to take action at this point. This landing page should be very relevant to the text ad, with visual appeal, a strong headline and benefit focussed content. We like to conclude with a call to action that has some sense of urgency.

We have developed a PPC advertising strategy that is successful for all business types and models. Test us for one month and see how efficient and effective we are with your valuable advertising budget dollars.